The Jameel Prize – 3 – at the V&A

Jameel Prize -3- Logo

The Jameel Prize -3- Exhibition was shown at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London between December 11th 2013 and April 21st 2014.

This exhibition, in partnership with Abdul Latif Community Initiatives, was established in 2009 with the purpose of showcasing the works of various international artists and designers whose works are inspired by the Islamic traditions of art and representation.

The exhibition showcased a variety of pieces of 10 short-listed artists who have fused their contemporary works with that of deep-set traditions, creating pieces of quite a unique caliber.

Every piece exhibited carried an aura of its own. From calligraphy to media design, from traditional carpet making to fashion design, the represented a variety of visual artistry. It was very hard to pick a favourite piece but these are the pieces that I felt truly spoke to me:

Click on the artist’s name to be redirected to posts about each of the individual pieces.

Artist: Pascal Zoghbi                          Artist: Nada Debs                    Artist: Laurent Mareschal


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