Public Art – A Dance

Tutu Poster

On a recent trip to Paris I took a walk along the Seine River going under as many of Paris’s 37 bridges as I could. Each of them unique, each of them carrying it’s own historical and aesthetic story. As I walked under le Pont de la Concorde, I came across a very unexpected public art exhibit titled Ta Tata en Tutu by collectif etc.

Taking up the entire space underneath le Pont de la Concorde, Ta Tata en Tutu consisted of two parallel panels of studio mirrors, a ballet bar, a suspended disco ball and coloured lighting. The icing on the cake was: music. On closer observation of the posted flier, it seemed as though the artist had invited the viewer to use his/her phone radio connection to tune into their personal music tastes if the music playing at any given moment was not up to scratch.

The unveiling of this installation was quite a party to say the least. Have a look at this French article (if only for the illustrations) covering the creation and unveiling of the piece: Parlez-vous français?? <<< click here


I happened to be passing under the bridge at about mid-day. Frank Sinatra was playing and a few people were, like me, enjoying the weather. The installation is set up in a way that the only way under the bridge is through the dance floor. The viewer must interact with the piece. Whether one decides to walk, run, skate, cycle, skip, sing, prance or dance, the viewer is engaged in a conversation with the installation. The public space creates a multisensory experience due to its very intentional and well thought out set-up.


Ta tata en tutu sous la douche sonore from Collectif Etc on Vimeo.

This piece was extremely intriguing, lots of fun and clearly possesses several layers.

Ultimately though, I think the whole point of the piece is get people out of their hum-drum everyday routine, away from their thoughts, clear of their inhibitions and just get them to remember to take a break and enjoy the moment.

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