Royal Academy of Arts – Summer Exhibition 2014

This past Friday, I finally carved out the time in my insane schedule to visit the Summer Exhibition 2014 at the Royal Academy of Art in London. I say “finally” because it has been a goal to view this exhibition since its opening night on the 9th of June. So yes it is quite a feat!

Link to Royal Academy Summer Exhibition site (with video) –> Click here :@)

Summer Exhibition - Notes

The annual exhibition has been held at this very venue every year, without fail, since 1796. The walls of this academy has witnessed a myriad of artistic expression being executed and exhibited in such a wide variety of artistic schools of thought and have watched these practices transform over the past 218 years!

Due to the fact that so many various artists; each of whom possess a different approach to their unique form of expression; all apply and are showcased in this prestigious exhibition; walking into each gallery seemed like somewhat of an assault to the senses! (In a good way!)

So, here is what I decided to do: After walking into each gallery space, I made my way to the centre of the room slowly making a 360degree turn as I took in as much as possible from the floor to ceiling art hung on each wall to various sculptures and found art installations around the floor space. After a second glance, I felt the pieces did belong coherently. That was when I was able to focus on studying each piece in its own right.

After a while, I realized that each room was in fact hung thematically and by a different curator. And yet… there was a flow to the space. I’ve never quite experienced anything like that.

One room is hung by Hughie O’Donoghue (exhibition coordinator), another was hung by John Main, yet another by Cornelia Parker; themed black and white! Another room was completely dedicated to the innovations of architecture and engineering.

Two hours and 20 pages of penciled notes later I left the gallery hoping to be armed with enough visual memory and information to be able to write a few coherent posts here. Since I was unable to take any pictures, the pictures you will see in each post have been pulled from other sites who have had permission to take a few shots of various pieces.

Also… it is impossible to write all I want about each inspirational piece that I was able to see on my visit. I think my report will have to depend on whether or not I can find a visual to accompany my commentary as well as whether or not I can actually read my notes!

So here it goes…

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