Gallery-Hopping in Europe

Ready to backpack Well hello again! It has been some time, but I’m back! I know I haven’t been too consistent with my posts lately… but for good reason. And that is: I’ve been backpacking through various parts of Europe over the summer! Yes, backpacking has been something I’ve been wanting to do for years on end and I finally did! And solo no less.  It has been an incredible trip with all sorts of surprises! But that’s not the focus of this post. So, allow me to move on. While I was discovering many parts of the world I have never set foot on, I was also on a mission to experience various forms of artistic practices in each of the cities I visited in order to bring them to you! As I set out on this venture, my main goal was to be able to bring to you one post from each city. Well, I have to admit; this will be difficult. This is not due to the lack of creativity in any given city but due to the sheer multitude of it! For this reason, there may be a few posts dedicated to various pieces of art pertaining to a single city. That just goes to show how difficult it can be to narrow down what exactly I do share on ARTiculate/Create. So, get ready to go “Gallery-hopping” around Europe! (you could either go from post to post or just click on the name of the city below to have a read about the various artistic exhibits I found there – these links will become available as they are published) Our destinations are:
Vienna – Robin Minard at the Museum Quartier        Veronika Dreier – And Yet There was Art!
Budapest – Istvan Orosz’s Mind-bending Creations
Bucharest – Structures and Energy II – The Power of Abstraction
Istanbul – Sessions by Nevin Aldag                The Museum of Innocence – Museum or Cabinet of Curiosities 
Sofia – The Kid 2013 – Georgo Georgiev – Jojo

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