Istvan Orosz’s Mind-bending Creations

Born in Hungary in 1951, Orosz is known for his many talents in engaging artistic creations through printmaking, painting, sculpting, animating and graphic design. I had the chance to experience a print by Istvan Orosz that was being exhibited while I was in Budapest. However, it is his work that has been dubbed “Anamorphosis” that truly blew me away. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to see this work first hand. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to share. With a very keen eye for bending reality, Orosz has been creating images and sculptures of seemingly regular subject matters. However, the way in which he alters their existence and reinterprets them into new space is phenomenal. Take a look at a few of his pieces that are completely deconstructed into other “realities” and reconstructed into their “true” forms through warped reflection all in the same “stagnant” piece of art.

Istvan Orosz - Drawing

Istvan Orosz – Drawing

Is what you are experiencing a landscape or a portrait? Which is it first? What does your eye gravitate towards? Is it a drawing or a sculpture? It differs for each and every viewer. How about this one?

Istvan Orosz - Sculpture

Istvan Orosz – Sculpture

What do you see first? How do you define what you see? I mentioned the word “stagnant” earlier because the cylinders in the piece are very much a part of the work and are placed as sculpture. However, the alternate reality of the given drawing or sculpture can only be realized by the viewer if they are able to see the piece at a very specific angle. Otherwise, the “true” form of the deconstructed 2D pieces or 3D sculptures cannot be fully realised. The way in which Orosz is able to manipulate reality yet show us what is “real” all at once is truly fascinating. The scope of movement in his work is a continuous cycle and the way in which his pieces are realised, represented and interpreted compel the viewer to question the very existence of the piece itself. _______________________________________________________________________________________ A recent joint exhibition at the Koller Gallery, Budapest showcased more recent work where the artist has begun displaying his mastery of distorted reality and reflection in cylinders adding typography to his work, deconstructing and depicting linguistic forms and structures. Oh the possibilities! Follow this link to view recent work –> Koller Gallery

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