A Trip Around the World in 4 Hours!

Yes, believe it… I’m refereeing to the Frieze Art Fair and Frieze Masters 2014 (London)

Frieze Art Fair signage

Frieze Art Fair signage

It’s already been a little over a week since the closing of the Frieze Art Fair as well as the Frieze Masters event and a lot has happened since. It’s been a little bit of a challenge to keep up with the many blog posts I’ve been meaning to write! However, I still wanted to give an overview of what the fair was like.

This year was my first ever visit to the fair; which has become an annual event in London’s Regents Park since October 2003. (The Frieze Masters exhibit began setting up tent in 2012) Although the main purpose of the fair is to showcase pieces for the sake of selling contemporary art to collectors from around the world, many visitors attend for the sake of becoming active observers and engage with the pieces on display. Seeing as at this stage of the game I can only dream of one day being a collector, I am of the later group consisting of “the observer”.

Frieze Masters Signage

Frieze Masters Signage

The fair brings together numerous artists from around the globe through a vast number of galleries, each representing very different forms of contemporary creations. The entire experience felt as though I had taken a trip around the world within a span of 4 hours, experiencing the creative output of hundreds of talented artists.

This year, founders Amanda Sharp and Matthew Slotover have handed over full curatorial responsibilities to Victoria Siddall who has taken it upon herself to bring together the largest and most ambitious Frieze Fair yet!

I can only imagine the challenges Ms. Sidall must have faced while curating the juxtaposition of several booths of art representing an overwhelming amount of various interpretations of contemporary art that were individually curated by several individual galleries from places from Madrid to Glasgow, Dubai to Mumbai, Berlin to Sydney and everywhere in between.

Frieze NY                   Frieze - Dubai

While the Frieze Art Fair focuses on the contemporary the Frieze Masters tent carries the theme of art made from antiquity till the year 2000. In other words: not contemporary. The tents were placed on opposite sides of Regents Park and were connected by the “Sculpture Park” where various large-scale sculptures had been meticulously and thoughtfully placed within the park itself.

Frieze - Shanghai                              Frieze - Glasgow

There was so much to see and take in it really was a treat! Many pieces were aesthetically appealing while others quite thought provoking and controversial. Each booth engaging in its unique interpretation of what contemporary art should reflect through visual, auditory and even performance art. What a delight to experience!

On that note, I’d like to leave you with a few links to the event if you are interested to explore some of the art that had been on display. I hope to sift through my photos soon and provide you with some insight to a few pieces that I thought stood out for various reasons.

In the mean time here are the links:

Frieze Twitter Feed
Frieze Facebook page
Frieze Instagram page
Frieze Magazine
Frieze London Webpage

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