Rita Movsesian – Multi-Cultural Contemporary Vocalist

Rita Movsesian - Photo by Stephan Zenzmaier Source: http://www.ritamovsesian.com/Images/Gallery/Rita%20Movsesian%20-web2.jpg

Rita Movsesian – Photo by Stephan Zenzmaier Source: http://www.ritamovsesian.com

Rita Movsesian, a contemporary vocalist of Armenian/Iraqi origin, whose voice carries a multitude of colours and cultures, graced the stage with her presence at a concert titled War and Peace at SOAS, London earlier this month.

Songs and musical rhythms represented at the event ranged from Persian, Armenian, Iraqi and Kurdish. The musicians and vocalists were all fantastic and the night was filled with melodies and lyrics of the old being recreated into something new; stirring up feelings of nostalgia for a home I love, yet have never seen.

After a few opening numbers, Rita took the stage and began to work her magic leaving the audience in awe.

The versatility, strength and warmth of her voice is like none other. The way in which she is able to embody the music itself, lacing it with so much emotion is truly a pleasure to witness.

Over the span of her musical career, Rita has collaborated with musicians of various backgrounds creating several unique tracks and albums by blending an array of musical cultures. By doing so, she has re-envisioned music through the intertwining of the old and the new and of the languages and cultures of the Orient and the Oxidant.

Her uniquely expressive voice flawlessly strings together songs from the Armenian, Iraqi and Lebanese traditions with Flamenco rhythms and vocals creating a beautiful multi-cultural musical experience presented to an audience that is just as diverse as the music she creates. This just goes to show how music truly breaks down boarders and really is a universal language. If this isn’t contemporary music at its finest, I don’t know what is!

Previously, Rita had been a contestant on The Voice Middle East and is currently competing on The Voice of Germany. As of last Thursday (November 13th) she has made it through to the knockout rounds after a wonderfully performed battle with Jazz vocalist Rick Washington singing Youssou N’Dour’s “Seven Seconds”. A performance where both artists shone.

To add to her repertoire of international artistic representation, Rita had the opening lines to the original song translated from Wolof to Arabic by Jordanian poet Adnan Kandeel. Yet, the lyrics were still sung with an African lilt. She then continued to sing in both English and French. The inter-cultural experience is never ending!

She will be taking her next steps on the stage of The Voice of Germany on Thursdays at 20:15 C.E.T on Pro7. For those of you who are not in Germany and would like to watch follow this link –> Pro7

I wish Rita nothing but the very best! And can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us next!

If you’d like to explore more of Rita’s work follow the links below. Happy listenning!

Youtube Channel

Other links:
The Voice of Germany

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