Alice’s Adventures Underground

* There are intentionally no spoilers in this review. So, if you haven’t been through this experience do read on!

Alice's Adventures Underground (logo)

Alice’s Adventures Underground (logo)

Yesterday, August 12 2015, two friends and I were lucky enough to attend our very first experiential theatrical performance (by the production company Les Enfants Terribles): Alice’s Adventures Underground at The Vaults, London. The production has been put together as a celebratory event for the 150th anniversary of Carroll’s original tale. Going in, we can honestly say that we did not have a clue as to what we were getting ourselves into. All we knew was that it would be very different.

The details of this particular production seem to be one of the best kept secrets in London at the moment. Truth be told, after experiencing the full immersion of Wonderland I can see why. I’ll tell you now, the last thing I want to do is ruin anyone’s experience. So, I am not planning on exposing any details. What I do want to do is encourage everyone to go before it sadly closes its doors on August 30th 2015.

We arrived early, as instructed, dressed in black and red, as instructed, and waited in line to be lead into the unused tunnels of the underground system near Waterloo Station.

As soon as we walked into the first room we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed. From there we were led on an adventure through Wonderland itself as perceived and brought to life by a myriad of talents from set designers, costume designers, actors and story tellers. Down the rabbit hole we went to experience Wonderland like we’ve never experienced it before.

I can certainly appreciate why it has taken 3 years to put together from conception to fruition. The attention to the most minute of details was extraordinary. Time itself seemed to have stood still as we weaved our way through the tunnels allowing the story to unfold before us and with us. I couldn’t believe we had spent 90 minutes running around from scene to scene being a part of the production itself. I simply wasn’t ready for it to end!

Alice's Adventure Underground (logo + me)

Alice’s Adventure Underground (logo + me)

Director, writer and producer, Oliver Lansley and his entire team (of many, many, many people) did a phenomenal job interpreting Wonderland and bringing it to life, capturing the complexities of the original story which we all know and love. Hats off to you all (mad hats and otherwise) for such an amazing production that was so real in the moment that one doesn’t want to ever leave! I am convinced that Lewis Carroll himself would certainly have approved!


To further explore Wonderland or, even better, book you tickets, follow the links below:

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